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About Us

Nathaniel Erwin has a strong background in home construction. His family had a construction company in 1999 that was serving Port Aransas, TX. As a teen, Nathaniel worked with the company after school, weekends, and summer breaks. Mostly just to be able to buy surf boards. This is where he gained some of his knowledge of the industry. 
Years later, Nathaniel was working in the oilfield trying to provide for his wife and 3 kids. After being in the oilfield for 4 years and had been laid off a total of 9 times in the 4 years, Nathaniel went back to his roots and started doing odd construction jobs to keep some money coming in. The Erwins decided in 2013 to make it official and start their own construction company.
Fast Forward to today. The Erwins have now been in business for 7 years, still family owned and operated, with thousands of satisfied customers. 

We are a small to medium sized company who focuses their core values on honesty, and integrity. 

Nathaniel and Sabrina Erwin

Why Choose SNE Roofing

SNE Roofing & Remodeling is a leading roofing contractor with a reputation for exceptional workmanship and friendly customer service.

  • Locally Owned and Operated

    We are a family owned roofing company in Northeast Texas. We'll help you install a new reliable roof and we will be around for future repairs and maintenance!

  • Specializing in Storm Repair

    Before giving an estimate, we will inspect your property for storm related damages. We will document and photograph any damages we find and work with your insurance to get the most out of your claim.

  • Quality Work and Experience

    We use only the best materials so that your roof lasts, and we also work with you on choosing the best style and color for your home. Not sure what color to pick? We use roof simulating software to show you what your roof will look like after the install.