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There are more roofing options available to you than total roof replacement. When considering lifecycle costs, it can make sense to prolong the life of the roof with with coatings and qualify for a new warranty on an existing roof. Our commercial roofing team can help you.

Roof Coatings provide a seamless watertight bond to your roof, there is no messy tear-off of the old roof interrupting business, coatings are energy efficient (think green roof), and they cost much less than a traditional roof system with the same warranties as a traditional roof system.

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Whether you have a metal, modified bitumen, too, epdm, built-up; virtually any roof system, we can coat it and extend the life of your building.


In any roofing project, there are several cost factors
to consider: materials, installation, maintenance, longevity, and energy usage are just a few. Fluid-applied roof systems keep costs to a minimum with simple installation and by requiring no expensive installation equipment. Over the life of the building, no tear-offs
are required, resulting in substantial cost savings compared to traditional roof systems and eliminating the environmental impact of millions of tons of waste sent to landfills each year.

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